“My family has been coming to this office since all my children were little. The care is outstanding and the staff treats you like you’re part of a much larger family.” — EM

“My two kids have consistently had very positive experiences with Dr. Stephens and the dental hygienists. They are positive, gentle, patient, and low key. It is a very child-friendly place. They love playing in the waiting area.” — LC

“We have been coming here for years. Since the beginning of the practice, we have always had a great experience, friendly staff, and friendly dentists.” — SB

“We always have a good experience. The service is quick but thorough. We are always pleased with our experience, and that is so important as a parent: that my kids don’t dread coming to the dentist.” — MH

“The whole staff is friendly and keeps my boys at ease. They are thorough with their dental treatment and education of the importance of good oral hygiene.” — GC

“We’ve been coming here for ten years and would never consider another pediatric dental office. The dental assistants are so in tune with children and know how to make them comfortable, from their first visit through adolescence. Dr. Stephens is professional, kind, and thorough.” — MK

“Our kids love Dr. Stephens and the amazing hygiene staff. They are super kid-friendly and know just how to put the most nervous kid at ease and make their experience a positive one.” — AN

“Lauren and Patrick have been coming here ever since they were really young.  Our whole family is always greeted with a warm welcome by everyone working in the office. The kids are respected and treated with great care. We have never had a bad experience and the kids never argue about their visits. We are very fortunate to have this practice in our community.” — SC

“We’ve been coming to this dental office for 16 years and it’s been a great experience for all of my three kids. They have never been afraid to go to the dentist; in fact, my youngest started at two years old because he wanted to be like his sisters.” — KK

“Our experience at Dr. Stephens’s practice over the years has been exceptional. The staff has always made my children feel comfortable and safe. Their happy and friendly environment has us always looking forward to our next visit. Thank you over the years for excellent service!” — CP

“We have been coming to this office for 13 years. The dentist and assistants are so good with kids, making it a ‘fun’ appointment. They are patient, thorough, and never pressure unnecessary dental work.” — AT

How does your experience in our office differ from past experiences with other dental offices?

“Taylor Stephens and his staff are amazing. The care is above all others.” — EM

“At a previous dentist, when my child was three, they didn’t want me to be in there with him to help calm him. Here, they have always been open to my involvement as needed.” — LC

“We love it here! The staff is always so friendly and social; they are great with the kids, love that the staff is consistent, so fun to catch up each time we come.” — MH

“The assistants always tell me (and the kids) what is coming in the exam so there are no surprises. I feel that if we ever had an emergency, either during or after hours, the office would welcome us and treat it with urgency and care.” — MK

“The staff are always prepared and organized when entering. They make us feel welcome and comfortable. All the comforts of home are at my fingertips! From reading material to toys to play with!” — CP

“All the people who work here are friendly, personable, and know my kids by name. They are very efficient, explain what they are doing, and make it pleasant for the kids.” — AT

What would you tell a new patient about our practice?

“Taylor Stephens and his wonderful staff are the best! The care of your children is important to them and it shows.” — EM

“It is worth driving to even from another part of the city.” — LC

“They would love it here. Very kid-friendly and fun for my kids to come to the dentist and a great atmosphere.” — MH

“You can put full trust in Dr. Stephens and his staff. Our whole family, parents, and kids wouldn’t go anywhere else.” — MK

“I would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a pediatric dentist because of the wonderful way children and their parents are treated every time we have an appointment.” — SC

“Everyone here is very kind and knowledgeable, and they work very well with children.” — KK

“I would highly recommend this dentist because of the kid-friendly atmosphere, experienced staff, and overall great appointments we’ve had.” — AT